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Safe Disposal/ Removal Service

Crane truck with safes
Safe Disposal/ Removal Service
Lots of people want an old safe disposed of or removed. Businesses come and go, people move house and occasionally they pass on and their possessions also come to a useful end. We can either dispose or remove any safe and depending on the model and or age you might even get some money for them. With business safes we often have to remove them out of hours which alas can add costs to the job. Conversely if the unwanted safe is situated in the garage the cost can be quite reasonable.
Disposing of old safes can be expensive to dump and contrary to popular belief scrap metal merchants generally are NOT interested. A typical safe is mainly concrete and steel and the scrap dealers view the steel as contaminated. A safe that consists of steel ONLY can be sold for 9 cents a kilo. So a safe of 300kg returns a fee of $27. Dumping safes in landfill is also an expensive exercise and should the safe contain any asbestos it becomes very difficult to dump.
But we do remove lots of safes without drama or difficulty and most of the time it’s a very rewarding and fulfilling job. People always seem amazed at the skill and ease that accompanies our safe moving jobs. That said if you do have a safe that needs removing anywhere in Brisbane or South East Qld for matter send an email with photos to us. The email address is at the top of our homepage.
Please allow up to four “business hours” for a reply. Should the matter be urgent call our SERVICE HOTLINE on 1300038383

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