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Safe Cracking Service

Safe Cracking Service
Alas safe cracking is NOTHING like the movies, and we do hundreds of safe cracking jobs each month. The objective with any safe cracking job MUST be to open the safe without damaging the safe’s structural integrity. If it requires drilling then it must be repaired to an equal or better level of security. Safe cracking is a highly developed offshoot from general locksmithing. And while many locksmiths like to think they are good safe crackers we must disagree as many safes we come across have been butchered. Of course most dodgy safe crackers don’t get “outed” as many customers would not know a good safe cracking job from a bad one.
With spin dial combinations locks we can “manipulate” them open by using feel with the help of Audio Amplifier similar to a stethoscope. This method is successful 90% of the time and will NEVER damage the safe.
Sometimes we are asked to open safes that have been damaged by other locksmiths or criminals in an attempt to gain entry. This can make the job a somewhat harder however we can open ANY safe in ANY condition. Regardless of you having a Spin combination a keylock or an electronic digital safe we can open it and repair it. The reason why people want a safe cracked open vary from deceased estates to having the keys stolen to simply forgetting the combination or safe code.
To obtain a quote to get a safe opened simply send a picture of the safe to use via the email address at the top of the Home page. I look forward to hearing from you.
Please allow up to four “business hours” for a reply. Should the matter be urgent call our SERVICE HOTLINE on 1300038383

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