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Spin Combination Safe Lock Repairs

Spin Combination Safe Lock Repairs
Spin combination locks date back to the late 1800’s and during the 1900’s they evolved into a reliable and easy way to lock all manner of safes. Spin combination safe lock repairs is a shrinking sector of the work we do however still an essential part. My hot tip with any spin combination is to upgrade it to an electronic one. This upgrade is usually only a small amount more than replacing a complete spin dial lock but infinitely more reliable, secure and convenient.
Alas the issue that we regularly encounter is sourcing spare parts for spin dial combination lock. Also even though the manufacturers stipulate that spin dial get serviced at a minimum of every 5 years, rarely is this stipulation adhered to other than in the Banking sector. So yes we can repair your spin dial safe lock but we will also offer up alternatives to repairing an old spin dial combination.
So give us a call or even better send a picture of the spin combination safe lock you need repaired along with a broader photo of the whole safe. From there we can send a written quotation, please use the email at the top of the home page.
Please allow up to four “business hours” for a reply. Should the matter be urgent call our SERVICE HOTLINE on 1300038383

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