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Brisbane Safe Service & Moving

Servicing & relocating safes anywhere in SEQLD

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We have been servicing safes as well as moving them all over South East Queensland for 30 years. If you have a safe we can fix it or move it!

Safe Moving and Relocations

Safe moving and safe relocations servicing, safe repositioning the descriptions may vary but in short it is all about taking a heavy and or immovable item from one place to another. Safes by nature are difficult to move and once they are bolted down it’s all over for would be crims. However because we have such a variety of specialist equipment and skills, we can perform this task to just about ANY safe.

Safe moving and relocations servicing in Brisbane

Interestingly the only place you can learn how to move big safes is on the job. We started slowly some 30 years ago moving safes as an offshoot business but now it has grown to a multi staff concern. The heaviest safes we have moved were 3000kg. The furthest we have travelled to move them is Cairns. However our base is Brisbane’s Southside and from here we go out each day to Safe moving and relocations servicing and cabinets.

Without doubt the trickiest part of safe moving is steps and stairs. Marble floors, gravel driveways, we take them all in our stride. However sometimes when we have to take a safe up or down stairs we grumble. Now do get me wrong we are happy to attack a job that has steps its just the cost can get out of control. The reason is WPS legislation dictates how we do our jobs and there are so many variables. Will the stairs take the load of the safe and 4 men ? Is there a safe anchor point to winch off ?

Safety is our number 1 priority and to date we have been accident free. Of course it’s not just our people that WPS ensures are kept safe. Also we ensure you and your property are also safe. The days of huge men using brute force to move safes are gone. So if you have a safe that needs to be moved or disposed of, send us an email from the address at the top of the home page. I assure you we are keen to help.
Crane truck with safes

Safe Moving, Relocation And Disposal

There are so many reasons our clients want their safe moved. Safes by nature are usually heavy and cumbersome to move. We have the skills, equipment and motivation to move any safe to any location. Our number 1 focus is to perform our jobs safely and efficently. 

Safe and Vault Service

Almost every mechanical and or electronic item will need servicing at some point. Safes and vaults are no different and will need to be serviced either as a preventitive measure or to be reinstated to its normal working condition. With a vast amount of technical expertise and resources we can repair any safe or vault in the Australian market place. Cracking a safe or vault that has malfuctioned is not for the feint hearted. Whilst many will tell you they can crack your safe/vault but if attemted in the wrong way could jepodise its integrity. We guarantee opening your safe with a minimum of damage and the safe/vault will be returned to the same or better condition.

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Areas We Service

From our southern Brisbane storage depot we service all areas of South East Queensland. Covering every suburb in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and west to Toowoomba. In fact should it be required we can move or repair any safe anywhere in Australia either as a “special” or through our subcontractor network. Often we send our specialst safe moving gear via road transport. Then fly our team to meet it rather than the trucking men & equipment endless kilometers as its often more cost effective.