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Why do so many locksmiths find safe cracking service so difficult, well the answer is simple enough. Safes are by design made hard to crack open. Okay so what’s the difference between a good safe cracker and a bad one, LOTS. A dodgy safe cracker could destroy the safe and render it weaker even after its been repaired. We can crack most spin dial combination locks without drilling it. By using feel and a modified stethoscope we can work out the numbers of the safe. Many residents in Brisbane have used our safe cracking service. So the question begs why don’t we drive the 45 minutes to open Gold Coast safe. The answer is that we do !

Be it a spin combination lock or even a high security digital safe. We have a multitude of skills and equipment to open your safe. And we do the job in a professional manner and guarantee that your safe will be as good as it was when it was new. Because we move and service SO MANY safes we have a huge library of blueprints and plans that show us the best way to crack any safe. Its worth noting that the higher the grade the safe is the harder it is to crack. Bunnings safes shouldn’t really be called safes and even our apprentice can crack them easily.

We regularly trek down to the Gold Coast for safe cracking jobs !

Of course some lazy locksmiths will opt to use an angle grinder and cut the safe open. This however is VERY dangerous and risky. In fact many Shopping Centre Managers will not allow the use of angle grinders.  Angle grinders often cause fires and or damage to soft surfaces from the sparks that fly out. Cost can sometimes be an indicator as to whether the job will be done properly. I am continually surprised to hear people will attempt to get their safe opened WITHOUT getting a written quotation. Sadly some find out the hard way that getting a complex job done with a written quote is very costly.

So if you have a safe that needs opening I guarantee we will open it with destroying it. We will ensure the integrity of the safe is retained and the job will be done in a timely manner. The photo of the safe below is an example of a safe that was opened by someone that had little idea. The job took a day and a half and the safe was rendered unusable. We were contacted to remove it and provide a replacement. The company that did the job didn’t even send them an invoice as they knew they stuffed up.

To get a quote simply send a photo of your safe to our email address and we will provide a written quote. Our email address is

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Click this link to see how a safe is cracked open without using a drill