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There are many reasons people ask us to install their safes. Sometimes they but a new safe from an interstate dealer other times they move house and need their safe refitted. Now safe installations must be done correctly to ensure the safe is not prized off the floor and taken away. We can do a safe installation Brisbane city and suburbs, or if needed anywhere in South East Queensland. Safes come in lots of different sizes and types. From large Bankers safes to small wall safes.

By far the hardest safe installations we do are inground floor safes. Cutting through the concrete and installing an underfloor safe is arduous and time consuming. It’s also critical to ensure the termite certification is not damaged or compromised. Gun safe installations are also involved especially if it involves taking the safe up a set of stairs. Bolting down the safe with the correct type of anchor is also important. Installing a safe onto a wooden floor sometimes requires the installation of steel plates so the bolts are more secure.

Doing a safe installation on a concrete floor is the easist of all safe installations we do. However many shopping centre management companies now demand the floor is exrayed before drilling any holes. This is to ensure the hole wont penetrate any cables or pipes that are imbedded in the concrete. Safe installations often incorporate the moving of relocation of the safe. Dependant upon the weight of the safe this can be both easy and difficult.

The best way to get a quote for a safe installation is to email a photo of the safe to us. We have most safe blueprints which also includes the weight of the safe. With the help of Google maps we can provide an accurate estimation of the job required.

Safe installation Brisbane
Positioning the safe into a corner can be time consuming
Safe Installation
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