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Vault & Strongroom Door Services

Vault & strongroom door services range from the mundane to the extraordinary. Every few weeks we perform routine service jobs on Vaults & strongroom doors. Incidentally these 2 words are easily interchangeable. Vault door or Strongroom door, walk in Vault and walk in strongroom. Now back to our routine service jobs. Changing Vault door combinations, servicing the locks on strongroom doors. These services would ideally be done at regular intervals however clients generally only call when there is a problem. Ideally a Vault door should have the locks serviced at a minimum of every 2 years.

Vault & Strongroom door In Brisbane

We can add or upgrade an electronic digital lock to any vault or strongroom door. Every few years we are called to adjust the hinges on these massive doors or repair broken handles. As Australia’s Banking sector moves away from hard cash to digital currency Vaults are rarely needed. In fact these days we are called to remove vault doors. And occasionally to completely remove the door and the walls. Whatever your requirement, we can assist you with your Vault or strongroom door. Call or email us from the contact info at the top of the home page. Or fill in the form below, I look forward to assisting you.
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