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New strong room doors

There used to be a few new strong room doors available in Australia with both Chubb and CMI making them in Sydney. However Chubb shut down their plant almost 20 years ago.  Alas CMI is coming under pressure from Asia and could follow suit in the next few years. CMI currently make their CD4 and Basic model strong room doors in Carlton NSW. We prefer to sell them over the imported ones we now import but there is a substantial price difference.  I can also remember when there were lots of second hand strong room doors available but they are pretty rare now.

In days gone by the only customers buying vault doors in Australia were the banks. They used high grade doors as well as light weigh ones. These heavy doors were attached to a super strong concrete walled vault with the walls approaching 400mm thick. The lighter weight strong room doors only used to protect the large volume of paper records banks needed to trade. These lighter doors were  often referred to as Bookroom doors.

Shipping available to anywhere in Australia !


Most of the sales for new doors we get are for gun enthusiasts or medical marijuana dealers. Many gun dealers and collectors prefer to build a gun room or armoury. This is to both protect their guns from theft and comply with gun laws. Most times compliance for a gun room can be achieved with either an Emperium SRD12 commercial door. Or a Guardall KSSR strong room door, both these doors have a 12 mm outer steel armored plate and 6 mm mild steel frame. They are very similar in size but the Emperium vault door has both superior hinges a heavier grade frame.

Because we install so many of these doors we can either do it for you or arrange a subcontractor. Additionally because of our expertise we can even talk you through the installation process. Now the best part about our new vault doors is the price. Currently ( 2023 ) the nearest competitor for a commercial grade strong room door is the CMI DC4 which sells for $9500 PLUS delivery. The Emperium SRD12 sells for $6400 plus delivery. That quite a saving and the quality is still on par. Our latest models have features listed below.

  • High grade digital lock
  • Extra keylock if required
  • Glass relock system
  • 12mm Door
  • 32mm bolt work
  • Internal release mechanism
  • Adjustable steel frame
  • Universally hinged – left or right
  • Suggested fire rating of 1 hour
  • Super heavy duty hinges
Frame 2060 x 1190
Door size 1920 x 935
Clearing Door Opening (mm): 1900 x 900
Clear Masonry Opening Required (mm): 1934×960
Weight 395 KG
Shipping available Australia wide
new strong room doors
                 New strong room doorsNew strong room doors
New strong room doors

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