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Alas if you are reading this blog you are finding out that Yale safes are in fact sub standard. A quick recap first, Yale is a one of the best known lock brands in the world. However famous names have become commodities that are traded with disregard for their heritage. The Yale brand was bought by Assa Abloy one of the worlds largest lock makers around 10 years ago. The Yale brand name has been slapped onto numerous low grade security items that bear little resemblance to Yale’s legendary quality.  We have been performing Yale safe repair Brisbane residents need when their Yale safes refuse to play ball.

Sadly Assa Abloy does not or wont provide any spare parts for the cheap safes that wear the Yale badge. Interestingly when you read the fine print in the Yale Safe warranty statement you might initially get excited. And while they say the safe has a 10 year warranty the “electronic components”  are limited to just 3 years.  Over the last 10 years we have opened numerous Yale safes with faulty electronic keypads. Often the safes are locked and must be drilled open.

We sell thousands of safes each year and alas Yale sits close to the bottom in the reliability stakes. Assa Abloy also own the Lockwood brand which used to be one of the best known brands in Australia. And just like Yale the low grade Lockwood safes which are mostly sold by Bunnings they also fail after a few years. So what can you do if your passport is in a faulty Yale Safe. Well we can definitely get the safe open but we cant repair it. The lack of spare parts makes buying this safe a gamble.

With over 350 FIVE star GOOGLE reviews we are committed to help !

Now when you have spent $500 dollars and you then have to spend a further $200 ( ish ) to get it open, you might feel a little cranky. Well we can in some situations open your Yale safe for free. The catch is that we will do this if you buy a replacement safe us and we can open the safe & install the safe at the same time. We have done this many times and I feel it takes the sting out of a bad situation.

In closing I encourage you to do some research on “cash ratings for safes” . I ask this because this will explain in short that cheap safes wont keep criminals out. When you buy a safe cost of the safe should be commensurate to the value of the contents you want to protect. If you have a lot of valuables you need a higher grade safe. If you only have a few hundred dollars and a passport a low quality safe may suit.

So when your electronic Yale safe wont open call us and we will be there !

Yale safe repair Brisbane         



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Click here to read more from Yale’s warranty statement

See Yale’s conditions reprinted below

If within 10 years of purchase a product is found to be defective. ASSA ABLOY will supply the same or equivalent product free of charge.

All electrical and electronic components used in ASSA ABLOY’s range of products excluding batteries are guaranteed for a period of 3 years from the date of proof of purchase, unless stated otherwise.

ASSA ABLOY assumes no liability under the guarantee for the following:

  1. Improper installation or failure to follow fitting instructions.
  2. Failure due to improper maintenance.
  3. Fair wear and tear.
  4. Indirect or consequential loss or damage.
  5. Cost of removal and/or replacement.
  6. Cost of freight and/or travelling time.
  7. Damage to or deterioration of plated finishes (soft finishes) or finishes exposed to a corrosive
  8. Any modification or repairs to a product, as supplied unless authorised by ASSA ABLOY.
  9. Use of replacement parts other than authorised parts.
  10. Malfunction or failure of the product due to the use of non-genuine ASSA ABLOY parts.

Nothing in the ASSA ABLOY New Zealand Limited Warranty excludes, restricts or modifies any condition, warranty, right or liability implied or protected by law where to do so would render the Warranty, or any part of it void.