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Rifle safe repairs Brisbane

Rifle safe repairs are becoming quite common. This is primarily because most of the rifle safes that gun shops now sell use low quality locks. These cheaper electronic digital locks only have a short life expectancy, generally around 7 years. Now when you consider these rifle safes can sell for close to $2000, having the lock fail is annoying. We have done hundreds of rifle safe repairs Brisbane gun owners needed when they couldnt get their safe opened. From faulty digital safe locks to snapped keys we can help.

Many of the cheaper brands have a 2nd back up key option called and over-ride key.  This key is great when you know where it is but most of the time its many years later that you need it. You think, ” yes I will put that over-ride key in that safe place in case lock fails”. And then cant remember where you put it. Some people even keep it inside the safe which is great that you know where it is but useless when you do.

We can even open your rifle safe after hours if needed

Most digital locks on rifle safes tend to be cheapies except for the quality brands such as CMI or Chubb. These cheap digital locks can be very hard to source and converting the gun safe over to use a quality digital lock can be tricky. Most digital safe locks stop working from having low batteries. Some rifle safes have the battery pack on the inside and the safe wont open because of flat batteries. Rifle safe repairs Brisbane gun owners require are often urgent. The Qld Police get very cranky when a Rifle safe cant be locked regardless of the reason.

Our Mobile safe cracking team can generally open and or repair most rifle safes the same day.  Additionally we also move heavy rifle safes. Some rifle safes weigh 400kg and relocating them can be a complicated task. The starting point for getting a rifle safe cracked open is to send a photo of the safe by email. We will then provide a quotation.


Rifle safe repairs Brisbane
Big safes or little ones we fix them all


Rifle safe repairs Brisbane
Many rifle safes use double sided safe key locks
Rifle safe repairs Brisbane
We can fix any rifle safe

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