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Having a safe to stop criminals from stealing your things is great. But what happens when the lock on your safe decides to play up. Well if your not under any pressure nothing. However if you are heading overseas and your passport is inside then you start sweating bullets. When ever there is a need for a safe opening Brisbane residents can relax knowing we have it in hand. Many other locksmiths “dabble” in safe cracking but we are the Brisbane safe repair experts. From giant bankers safes to safes built into the concrete floor.

Many of the better safe brands such as Chubbsafes, CMI and Lord have hardened steel plates that protect the locks. Often the electronic safe lock will stop working without any indication. A lot of cheap electronic safes have a key over-ride but often the key is lost or even locked inside the safe. Its worth noting that after a safe has been cracked it MUST be repaired so that the safe is secure. Many times I have seen safes that have been drilled open and the drill hole is filled with putty. This essentially makes the safe extra easy to crack open the 2nd time.

We are fully insured and licensed to crack open safes in Brisbane & surrounding suburbs

Safe openings we do cove all types of locks, key locks, electronic safe locks as well as spin combination safe locks. We can even use a stethoscope to work out the numbers on a spin combination lock where the numbers are lost. Deceased estates sometimes have a locked safe. Alas the code numbers are often unavailable, in this instance we can crack the safe without any damage. When we do a safe opening Brisbane residents can also take comfort knowing we will always be discreet. We respect your privacy and can even do a safe opening after hours such as a weekend.

The starting point to get a free quote for a safe opening is to email a picture. Please ensure that you send a picture showing the whole safe rather than JUST the digital keypad or electronic lock.


Safe opening Brisbane

Safe opening Brisbane


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