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Most locksmiths will tell you they can crack safes but there are so many safes out there that show otherwise. Sadly most people could NOT tell a good safe cracking job from a bad one. In short a good job is performed with skill and minimal damage to the safe. A safe that has been attacked by a novice may never be the same once they are finished. When we are called to perform a safe cracking service we OFTEN open the safe without drilling it. Manipulation is a safe cracking technique where the safe is opened using a audio amplifier like a stethoscope. Spin combination cracking jobs are however becoming quite scarce. Digital safe opening jobs are far more frequent because digital safes are so popular. Bunnings safe opening jobs are very easy compared to good quality safe jobs. Flat batteries are also a common theme however almost every safe has the potential to lock you out.

Same day safe opening services are available !

Sadly occasionally we are called upon to crack safes from deceased estates. Safes that have been damaged by a failed break in attempt can also be tricky. The safe may have kept the criminals out but their feeble attempt can also create another problem.  This is all in a days work for us and we are yet to find a safe that we cant open. From magnetic drill bases, super hard drill bits, numerous borescopes and lots of hand made specialist tools. Our safe cracking tool inventory is HUGE along with out BLUEPRINT library. If you have a safe that you cant open, simply send us a picture of the safe and we will provide a written quote to open it. In most cases we can open and if required repair the safe the same day. Send your email to
Safe cracking service
This is what happens when people who have no idea attempt to crack open a safe. This safe had to be replaced after their butcherous attempt.
This Honeywell safe needed repairing after a failed break in attempt by hapless criminals
Safe lock mechanism
We have a huge library of the inner workings of most safe brands
Click this link to see a safe cracked open by feel

Safe cracking service