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Heavy safe relocation Brisbane

When we get asked to perform a heavy safe relocation in Brisbane I am rarely ever suprised. From Toowoomba, North to Noosa and South to Tweed will can move your safe. Our clients have relied on us to relocate their safes over the last 30 years. Most of the safes we move for these clients are over 2000kg. Some of our clients require their safe relocation jobs done outside of business hours.

Banks and other financial institutions relocation jobs are exciting at first. However once you have done one big bank safe moving job, you have done them all. Its a sad fact that Australia’s Banks are downsizing both their branch locations. And by extension the number of safes they need. Over last 10 years I estimate they have removed or disposed of at least 70% of their safes. This has come about because most of Australia’s currency is moving to a digital platform. That said there are still many clients who don’t trust Cyber currency and only feel safe when they can see or touch their cash.

After hours safe moving service available !

Over the last 12 months we have seen our client base change markedly. We moved more safes into residences than the preceding 10 years. The reasons are irrelevant to us but there is one theme in common. Our clients want their safe moved or removed discreetly. This is easy for us as our safe moving vehicles remain “unmarked” and we ALWAYS disguise or cover our clients safes.

Occasionally our clients ask us to remove or dispose of an unwanted safe. This is quite straight forward if the safe is open or the combination numbers are known. However if the safe is locked and the safe is bolted down it can complicate the safe move dramatically. Recently we logged the removal of a Bank safe and it was locked & bolted. This was not conveyed in the work order and resulted in an additional 7 hours of labour. Of course being out of hours and also holding us a team of 4 men it became an expensive oversite.

Any safe you need moved regardless of its size or the distance moved can be moved.  We have both the skill, equipment and desire to get the job done. All within the time frame that is required of us. Once you supply us with a photo of the safe that needs moving. We will oblige you with a written quotation.

heavy safe moving
This safe was removed from the Queen street Mall in Brisbane City
safe moved along footpath Brisbane CBD
We disguised this safe as an air conditioning unit prior to transport
Safe being loaded onto Crane truck
This safe weighs 2200kg

Heavy safe relocation Brisbane

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