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Safe moving Brisbane is NOT for the feint hearted, you need lots or courage, specialist gear and skill. That said motivation is also a key ingredient. From huge 3000kg bankers safes to small domestic safes we have installed, moved and relocated them all. And its not just done during business hours. Many shopping centres will only allow safes to be moved through their public areas after hours for safety reasons.

In the olden days safe movers used lots of grunt and cut lots of corners. Today its ALL about safety and site specific techniques and ALL work must be done within the bounds of workplace safety protocols. I am proud to say that we have not had an injury to any of our movers in 15 years of service. This achievement a result of skills gained over the last 30 years and the use of specialist equipment.

We will move any safe any distance !

With 9 pallet jacks, 3 safe moving vehicles and hundreds of smaller items we have built much of our gear as required. All our gear is also subjected to regular maintenance and inspection. Most pallets jacks have a 2500kg load capacity however we have 2 jacks that can take 5000kg each. Sometimes we can create a quotation using Google Maps and a photo of the safe. Other times it requires a site inspection.

The reasons why people want a safe moved or relocated varies widely. Safes that are left behind from a previous tenant or owner. People moving house, deceased estates all contribute to demand. The reason is irrelevant, we just to to know when and where to. The starting point is to take 2 or 3 photos of the safe and send them by email or text. When then provide a written quotation which is done most times within 24 hours. So take advantage of our Safe moving Brisbane service, just call or email us.

safe moving
This 3 tonne safe needed 4 people to shift it.
Safe removal through roof
Sometimes the ONLY way out is up !
Small safe relocation
Prepped and ready to go
Small safe installation
Gee I sometimes wish they were all this little
Safe moving Brisbane
The big ones need the big truck