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Buy strong room door Australia

When you need to buy a strong room door in Australia the choices can be somewhat limited. Over the last 20 years we have removed and installed dozens of strong room doors in many Queensland sites. From old bank vaults, military strong room doors even small gunroom doors, there numerous applications. The brands also vary, Chubb Strong room doors, CMI strong room doors both new and secondhand.

Over the last few years we have been supplying strong room doors for Medical Marijuana. These doors are commercial grade strong room doors but instead of digital locks they are card swipe activated. Another growing market is Strong room doors for guns and weapons. They are often fitted to Besser block bunkers and concrete walls.

Although we are based in Brisbane our jobs take us to numerous cities in Queensland and Australia. Our team can install a small strong room door in under 2 hours, heavy strong room doors take longer. Of course some people like to install there own strong room door and frame. We are also very happy to sell a new strong room and then transport it to any location in Australia. Because we have installed so many strong room doors we have a wealth of experience that we are happy to share with you. Our new range of Mutual Strong room doors are priced at $4500 plus shipping.

Call us to discuss the options that come with our strong room doors from key locking strong room doors. Digital locking strong room doors or combination lock strong room doors. Feel free to call or email us for extra information.

buy strong room door
Note the prox card door swipe security on the wall to the right
A light weight strong room door ready for installation

Buy strong room door