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Safe movers Brisbane

Its quite possible to go 30 years and never need a safe mover. In my estimation only around 20 percent of the Brisbane population has a safe. Now a lot of those safes are small cheapies and wont ever require a safe mover. However if your safe is a good one, the chances of you needing a safe moving company are quite high. Either to reposition it when you do a reno or to relocate it when you move house. Of the safe movers Brisbane residents have access to we are definitely the one to use.

Affordable safe movers Brisbane

With a dedicated team of highly trained and motivated staff we can move your safe across the room or across the city. Safes weighing up to 3000kg can be moved quickly and efficiently. Our equipment is rated for the job too. In fact we have 2 heavy duty pallet jacks that are rated to carry 5000kg. Often we move safes for commercial clients out of business hours. This is usually a requirement of the Building manager.

Anywhere in South East Queensland

Our service area ranges from the Brisbane metro area, up to the Sunshine Coast and down to the Gold Coast. Of course those needing a safe moved our west can also use our service. Toowoomba, Kingaroy, Warwick in fact anywhere there is a safe that needs shifting or moving, it will be done. Safety is always our number one priority and we will NEVER jeopardize the safety of our staff or anyone within the vicinity. Steps and stairs can be negotiated however please understand that steps and stair complicate any safe moving job dramatically. We can attend site to perform a risk assessment and work out the best course of action. To get the ball rolling simply email a photo of the safe to us using the email contact at the top of the home page. Once we have the photo we can work out the weight of the safe and from this provide you with a written quotation.
safe movers Brisbane
Large and small safes are easy to move when you know how
safe movers Brisbane
We pull them, we push them, we move them
safe movers Brisbane

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